Vanessa Rembrandt of Dupont Circle- Canvas



This Black arta Surrealist painting captures the vibrant culture of the city of Washington, DC, skewering our concept of reality and time. As the viewer’s gaze follows the maze of urban alleys, they are reminded of their daily hustle and bustle in pursuit of whatever life may throw at them. With consistent and inviting brushstrokes, the painting provides a vivid picture of what life in the city is like – the narrative follows city dwellers as they explore the city’s alleys, vast networks of restaurant and bar patios, sidewalk cafes, and graffiti-infused walls – a paradise for the urban explorer.

This captivating 12″x 24″ canvas painting is available to bring a sense of nostalgia, and hope, to any room. It symbolizes the journey we make, every day, as we traverse life’s alleys and find something new around every corner. Its candlelight-inspired colors and charcoal-shaded figures, painted with oil, give off a mellow glow. As you give into the art piece, you will sense an energetic, animated rhythm full of life.

This masterpiece of surrealism will be a conversation starter when hung in any space, immediately captivating anyone who comes in contact with it. Therefore, it’s easy to envision this Black arta Surrealist painting in a home, café, restaurant, gallery, or office.

As a distinctive piece of art that speaks to the heart and soul of the city of Washington DC, this Urban Alley Surrealist painting of Urban Life in D.C. art canvas is a unique and must-have item for all Washington DC residents!

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