Vanessa Rembrandt of Dupont Circle- Canvas



This original, Washington, DC Urban Alley Surrealism Painting, created on an art canvas, depicts the complexity of life in our nation’s capital. Bold blues, vibrant reds, and textured blacks intertwined to create an intricate, yet captivating snapshot of modern life, urban culture, and surrealist artistry. The intricate details of the architectural background lined with intricate railings and metal accents from the industrial age form the perfect backdrop for the contrasting colors that dance together, capturing an ethereal beauty of the city skyline. Look even closer and you see the final nuances that complete the composition and offer a taste of the culture that resonates within the city walls.

This art canvas is an incredible example of what makes Washington D.C. so fascinating and unique; it celebrates the chaotic beauty and truly remarkable past and future of this remarkable city. Whether you are a lover of urban art, a Washington D.C. native or a tourist looking to capture a piece of Americana, this original, Urban Alley Surrealism Painting, is a vibrant piece for any home or office.

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