Vanessa Rembrandt of Dupont Circle- Canvas




This Urban Alley surrealism painting captures the vibrancy and life of Washington, DC in an abstract canvas. The painting includes the light of the day wrapping around bustling city in delicate strokes of black, grey, and yellow. The unique composition of the painting is evocative of a surreal urban alley, with small particles of light scattered around the imaginative architecture. The latest techniues in Urban art have been used to bring viewers into the painting. The canvas includes the tradition of Urban art and its use of cultural and symbolic elements, creating a picture of the life and culture of the city. The painting is an invitation to explore and experience the wonders of the city firsthand. The painting is a salute to the complexity and excitement of urban life.

This one-of-a-kind 22×30-inch handcrafted semi-gloss canvas provides a perfect finishing touch to any art piece. A timeless collectible to be enjoyed for generations, this painting would be a great addition to any home décor.

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