The DJ Beige Collection featuring DJ Superheroic!- Canvas


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DJ Beige is proud to present the ideal painting for the modern urban-chic DJ. Featuring a city dancefloor at the center of it all, bathed in soft tones of orange and pink from the surrounding clouds. Two Ancient marble turntables create an incredible visual and spiritual experience for the viewer. On the left of the frame, we have two cherubs; one brown, the other golden-foil in their multicolored robes. And on the right, two demonic figures in full metal armor dance in unison. Truly the perfect piece for any up-and-coming DJ, be it regular or professional. This painting is sure to add a unique and vibrant atmosphere to any space. It’s truly a representation of what it’s like to work in a nightclub as seen through the eyes of a DJ. #dj #djbeige #art #painting #citiscene #nightlife #dancefloor #turntables #angel #demon #music #djing #urbanchic #clubbing #dancing #nightclub

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