The DJ Beige Collection featuring DJ Superheroic!- Canvas


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This vibrant painting on canvas is the perfect addition to any dancefloor! From a DJs perspective, the “City Nightclub DJ at Turntables” shows an angelic and demonic vision of an urban-chic club. The soft, warm tones of Pantone colors 13-1010 and 18-1750 bring life to every skintone of the beautiful angels and scary demons on the dancefloor. Every detail is precise and captivating ranging from the intense glares and stares from the clubgoers, to the control of the turntables by the skilled DJ.

You can almost smell the energy of the nightclub on canvas, and the power the DJ has when setting the mood on the dancefloor. This arresting artwork is reminiscent of the item “Ars Magna Luci” from 1665 and is sure to add life and sentiment to any room in your home or studio.

Take your next party up a level with this edgy yet elegant “City Nightclub DJ at Turntables” painting on canvas. Enjoy the thrilling beauty of those on the dancefloor and the profound influence of the DJ as you admire this one-of-a-kind artwork. #urban_chic #painting #dancefloor #dj #djBeige #clubgoers #turntables #ArsMagnaLuci #citynightclub #angels #demons #pantonecolors13-1010 #pantonecolors18-1750 #vibrantartwork #stylishcanvas

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