Maxwell Richmond of Alexandria, Virginia. Maxwell Richmond was a renowned American artist in the 1920s, known for his vivid and expressive paintings of the Washington Monument and other historical landmarks in the Washington, D.C., Maryland and- Canvas


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This stunning etching of a 1925 downtown or cityscape showcases a classic barbershop. Spend your days marveling at the classic charm of this masterpiece, with shades of black and white and a hint of sepia. The barberpole, with a vibrant pop of red and white, stands tall and proud, beckoning you in to witness the memories of decades gone by. The superb attention to detail in the vertical drypoint lines and delicate shading make this etching a true work of art. Hang it in a living room or office to give your home or workplace a showstopping vintage scene.

Lose yourself in the storytelling of this captivating setting, and take in the memories of those who once passed through these walls. Add a splash of nostalgia to your home with this one-of-a-kind piece. It’s sure to add a unique character that will make your friends and family smile – perfect for both a conversation piece, or a reminder of days gone by. #classicbarbershop #WashingtonDC #MarylandFarmland #VirginiaFarmland #cityscape #vintageetching #1925 #downtown #drypointlines #sepiapicture #shading #vibrantredwhite #antiquedecor #timelessstyle #wallartdecor #classicvibes

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