Mabel Arlington, a pioneering female artist from Washington, D.C. in the 1920s. She was known for her vibrant and colorful paintings of the Washington Monument and other historical landmarks in the area. Her works were often featured in local- Canvas


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Come one come all to behold this old, rusted tractor resting in a luscious field, its body corroded and delapidated from the many years of hard work. It lies among the rolling hills surrounded with crops that enchant and beguile, a calmness and serenity unearthed from within.

The sun casts its light on the barnacle-covered wheels, the tractor’s painted red and green the same hue as the ripening crops to come. A gentle breeze delivers tufts of fog that enshroud the vehicle, reminding us of its past life of labor.

As the day begins, the sky is a wispy blue laced with bright and vibrant clouds. Birds soar through the sky, chirping in chorus as if a song of celebration. Sprinkled throughout, small, bright yellow and blue wildflowers speckle the terrain, standing proud among the rust.

The land here is unlike any other – peaceful, beautiful, and rich with life. A meaningful symbol of growth and perseverance can be found in every stroke of this remarkable painting.

#tractor #rust #landscape #crops #birds #flowers #farm #WashingtonDC #Maryland #Virginia #beauty #nature #countryside

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