Lillian Dupont Circle- Canvas




This Urban Alley surrealism painting is the perfect way to bring the cityscape of Washington, DC into your home. In shades of black, white, gray and blue, this painting captures the hustle and bustle of a busy urban alley with its mix of people and vehicles. The viewer is drawn in by the pattern of movement and chaos in the street. There is a certain poetry to the stream of vehicles and pedestrians, something unique to big cities. It captures the duality of feeling confined and yet liberated among the chaos of the city.

The climate of DC is reflected in the painting, with the sun warming up the surface of the alley and the thick air suspended between the close buildings. This 426 square inch painting on an art canvas is an ideal feature piece for any home in need of an infusion of urban environment and surrealism. It will inspire conversations when visitors come through while its complexity of forms will engage the eye. It depicts the essence of life in the city and is skillfully rendered to capture all of its beauty and characters.

Featuring creative colour combinations and reflection of light, this painting of Urban Life in D.C. is unlike any other. Bring the energy of the city into your home with this sensational art piece.

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