Leroy Washington of Alexandria, Virginia. Leroy Washington was a renowned artist in the United States in 1925. He was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia, and was inspired by the historical landmarks of Washington, D.- Canvas


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This finely etched, antique classic barbershop scene is sure to transport any viewer. Created in 1925, people of all ages can enjoy its beauty and artistry. Detailed and shaded by drypoint fine vertical lines, and delicate lines, the predominant tones are sepia and black and white. The only vibrant color found in the black and white etching is the symbolic barberpole. As the artist looked out over the Washington, DC, Maryland farm and Virginia farmland, the vision of an already iconic barbershop came to life. With all the nostalgia of days past, this picture can bring the history of those times back. Anyone can appreciate the creative artistry put into this piece of craftsmanship and have a reminder of days gone by. Enjoy the beauty of this picture and the memories it will bring forth. #barberpole #blackandwhite #etching #art #craftmanship #barbershop #history #Washington #DC #Marylandfarm #Virginiafarmland #classic #sepia #memories

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