Johnston Wyeth of Dupont Circle- Canvas




This beautiful and unique painting of Urban Alley Surrealism shows the city of Washington DC in a surrealistic manner. The artist used various mediums to capture the chaos and energy of the big city. The bold colors and textures evoke a sense of freedom and the elements of nature like the moon and stars create a piece that invites the viewer to explore its depth and emotion.

The dominant colors used in this painting are the #575358, a muted green-grey, and #EDF1FF, a muted blue-grey. When combined with the #D2CBAF, an earthy ochre, and beautiful bold black color of #2D2A33, these create a romantic and intense contrast that captures the urban alley surrealism. The lighter color of #B9BCB6 further accentuates the painting’s mood.

The painting has a striking sense of composition and balance between things seen and those unseen. A silhouette of a woman and the street light adds an intriguing element to the painting and the various swirls and energy of the scene blur the lines between reality and creativity. This black art Abstract painting is a timeless classic and will be cherished for years to come.

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