John Richmond of Alexandria, Virginia John Richmond was a renowned American artist in the mid-1800s. He was born in Alexandria, Virginia, and was inspired by the historical landmarks of the area, such as the Washington Monument and the- Canvas


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This Realism painting shows an old American Gristmill situated on a peaceful millpond. The picture is set during the 1800’s at a traditional farm located just outside of Washington, DC, in Maryland or Virginia farm country. The mill is made from wood and stone, and looms over the millpond, reaching down to the water. Inside, the agitated river water turns the large mill wheel, set in motion by the run-off of the nearby brook. The old-fashioned sails of the mill fill with the cooling late summer breeze. The waves of the millpond wash gently against the rocky shores of the mill as the shadows of the surrounding trees kiss the mill’s outer wall. The air is filled with the rustling sound of the turning wheel and a gentle chorus of bird song. As the sun sets over the horizon, the light reflects off the millpond, creating a luminous reflection on the still water. This Realism painting captures the timeless beauty of the American Gristmill on a tranquil millpond. #1800s #realismpainting #gristmill #millpond #AmericanGristmill #Marylandfarm #WashingtonDC #Virginiafarmland#vintagestyle #rustic #countryliving #peacefulscenery #landscapepainting

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