John Arlington of Alexandria, Virginia John Arlington was a renowned American artist in the mid-19th century. He was born in Alexandria, Virginia, and was inspired by the historical landmarks of the area, such as the Washington Monument and- Canvas


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This old, wooden Gristmill dubbed “The Old Abbey” is the centerpiece of a realist painting, located in the breathtaking pastoral countryside of the Washington,DC, Maryland and Virginia tri-state region.

With its weathered barn-red wood facade, and its four squared windows facing the canal-like millpond, this Gristmill is positioned in apparent abandon, as if untouched for decades, its majestic backdrop awash in silver-green trees.

The millpond is calm and peaceful, shimmering like a mirror amid the eternal autumn. The surrounding countryside is majestic and tranquil, and gilded by the warm light of a late-afternoon sunset. The traditional wooden drawbridge, arched gracefully above a small channel cut into the millpond, guides the eye to the abstract round archway of the Nidderdale Aquaduct – creating a vista that blends the centuries in one beautiful frame.

The coarse wood-roof of the Gristmill is blanketed in velvet moss, while glimpses of its lonesome interiors, filled with rough-hewn machinery and atmospheric cavernous spaces reveals a poetic and timeless moment. Shady willow trees stretch long branches into the crystal-clear waters of the millpond, while birds soar in the stillness of the lingering clouds. Nature is at peace in this Old American Gristmill.

This painting of an old Gristmill on a millpond is an eternal reminder to the majestic beauty of our American landscape that seems to have been suspended in time. #realism #painting #gristmill #millpond #OldAmericanGristmill #WashingtonDC #Maryland #Virginia #Americanlandscape #NidderdaleAquaduct #timeless #poetic #peaceful #landscapepainting #countryside

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