Giovanni Dupont, Painter of the Potomac- Canvas




This stunning piece of Black art by the artist Urban Alley is a surrealist urban painting that captures the life and beauty of Washington, DC on an 18 x 24 inch art canvas. Bathed in the colors of midnight and emblazoned with images of the city, this piece will bring the vibrancy of the District to your space. The flecks of color of the abstract fog add to the overall atmosphere, while the large charismatic structures of the architecture showcase all of the cultural wonders of the city. Here, the energy of people interacting with their environment is ever-present, and an understated beauty shines through the subtle suggestion of the sun.

The pieces in the Urban Alley collection are framed to last; hand-stretched and covered with a semi-gloss laminate film to ensure that the vibrant colors and depth of the painting remain unchanged for years to come. Each painting supports the Black art movement and its vision.

A marvelous addition to functional settings, this surrealist painting will make a beautiful accent piece for any room in your home. With its mix of whimsy and classicism, it brings an imaginative energy to interiors that are sure to inspire conversation and admiration.

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