Giovanni da Capitol Hill- Canvas




This eye-catching and unique Urban Alley Surrealism Painting, Black Arta, is sure to add a touch of vibrant originality to any home or office space. The painting features dreamy swirls of color depicting abstract scenes of everyday life within the urban streets of our nation’s capital; Washington D.C. Created with an array of highly pigmented professional-grade acrylic paints on cotton duck canvas, the painting is stretched on a heavy-duty, wood inner frame making it ready to hang and add a spark to any wall.

The mesmerizing art canvas portrays an intriguing glimpse of the mesmerizing hustle and bustle of life in Washington D.C in its many shades and hues. Hints of homes, transport and bustle come alive in an always changing urban landscape. A high-quality finish ensures that the painting will last for many years as a beautiful reminder of the vibrancy and complex interplay between nature and the complex urban architecture, a unique and captivating example of urban surrealism. Whether displayed in one’s home or office, this painting will add texture and visual interest to any space.

At a generous size of 35.4″ x 23.6″, this canvas painting can become a conversation starter and a unique visual centerpiece. Get it today and let the captivating beauty of Black Arta bring life and color to any wall. #urbanart #streetart #contemporaryart #blackarta #WashingtonDC #DCart #surrealism #interiordesign #dcstreets #urbanpainsing #uasinglelife #passtesian #dcmovement

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