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Our Town podcast with Andy Ockershausen

“Our Town,” a brand new podcast series debuts on September 21st. “Our Town” will feature a different personality in each episode. Show host, Andy Ockershausen, third generation Washingtonian has a deep understanding and knowledge of Washington, D.C. during the past 5 decades. His career at the Washington Evening Star Group, WMAL, Channel 50 and most recently Comcast NBC Universal has allowed him to do business and develop close relationships with individuals including Presidents, sports heroes, and influencers in the political, business and charitable communities. His perspective and his close relationships with newsmakers and power brokers during the time when the news was happening in the 1960s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s provide a look back into the stories and lifestyles of those who made Washington, D.C. the great city it is today to live and work.  Listeners will have the opportunity to catch up with people that they may have considered their heroes as well as old friends.  It’s a look at the past from the perspective of today.

Total 36 episodes, new episodes released weekly on Tuesday and Thursday.

Written by: Janice Ockershausen