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Girl Power In Full Effect With Sydney Franklin

Girl Power In Full Effect With Sydney Franklin

Entertainment write Monika {Pearson and DMV-based artist Sydney Franklin share a moment in front of the camera.

I had an amazing interview with singer/songwriter Sydney Franklin. Since the
release of her freshman project, “Make It Hurt” last year, the four-track EP has
racked up over 1M Spotify streams to date. The title track, along with the Mac
Ayres duet “Forever”, is currently in rotation on Sirius XM’s Heart & Soul station.

What was the SXSW debut like?

It’s not like a regular Coachella Festival where you’re standing for hours. It’s
through the whole downtown city of Austin. There’s creative energy everywhere
with performances going on 24/7. I performed a month after I released my first
project, and to debut my work at SXSW was really cool.
The restaurant I performed in felt like a rainforest café. I was surrounded by
powerful and inspiring women from the DMV, and I got great feedback. I won
honorable mention for my song, Make It Hurt.

What advice would you give artists who are interested in attending SXSW

Make sure you apply early.
Be ready to run around for a week 24/7 – it’s all worth it though. The amount of
networking and connections you make is insane.
You do need to be social: you have no choice. Also, be ready to talk and listen.
You have no idea who is right next to you so always be ready and professional!
Austin is about food and music so enjoy!

What is your creative process?

I don’t consider myself a songwriter, but someone in my position has to write in
my phone notes all the time. If I could save one thing in a fire, it would be my
phone. It’s where I put my ideas via voice memos. Sometimes I’ll hum a tune on
there, or I’ll be on the piano and guitar and let the feelings take over. My process
goes off of my mood and what I’m feeling. It’s very therapeutic.
I’ll go through my notes and do a process of elimination and piece it together like
a puzzle. I’ll do it in steps, not all together. I usually do the phases of songwriting
separately. I could refer back to old stuff I wrote a year from now and it might
help me write a song if it’s relevant to what’s currently happening.

Do your ideas come better alone or around other creatives?

Both. I’m an extroverted introvert. It depends on the day, but I do love having co-
writes with a bunch of different people, like my best friend Madeline. We bring out
the best in each other. She helps pull out ideas and develops them with me. I do
believe it should be a collaborative process.

What’s your sign?

I’m a Leo. Leos are bosses. We love attention, too. I’m
recently getting more into the astrology thing because so many people ask me

What should people say about Sydney Franklin as in your style and what
you convey?

That women are amazing beings! We need to pump each other up and put
ourselves on pedestals. I want to show being comfortable in your skin and not
allowing people take advantage of us in any type of relationship (friends, family,
work, etc.) Being vulnerable and honest is important, and there are great ways to
present it to the world.

What’s the inspiration behind your sophomore album?

I’m learning how to be vulnerable, while also being a boss b***h. We can get our
feelings hurt, and also hurt other people. I’ve also dealt with depression and
I wanted to make it relatable to the listener. R&B soul can be such a healing
It’s so cool to hear a song and feel that song was made just for you. There are so
many others who share your struggle. I want to have balance as an artist.

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Who are your musical inspirations?

Both of my parents are accountants and I’m the musical one in my family.
My mom loves R&B Soul and dad was into Classic Rock. Elton John.
Family Affair by Mary J. Blige was a favorite of my Mom and I. The first concert
I’ve been to was the Dixie Chicks. They had powerful and meaningful voices.

What songs are you performing tonight at the Anthem DC?

“Make It Hurt” on my EP and a really cool version of Scrubs. It starts out as slow
R&B then gets faster and I get the crowd involved too.

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