This winter increase the humidity in your home to avoid illness.

We might complain about humidity in summer, but that moisture in the air is good for
our skin and sinuses. Humidity also protects us from viruses since moisturized sinuses
won’t allow much to pass into our respiratory systems. We get sick more often in the
winter because our systems dry out, and germs sneak in more easily. Plus, dry air is
plain uncomfortable. To avoid these issues in the winter, you should increase the
humidity in your home. Let’s look at a few ways to make that happen.

Heat Some Water

The steam that heated water creates evaporates into the air in your house, infusing it
with moisture. Here are four ways you can let hot water increase the humidity level in
your house:

  •  Heat water to a boil on the stove, then allow it to simmer for a while.
  •  Fill a bathtub with hot water; don’t empty it until it’s cool.
  •  Run the shower with hot water and leave the bathroom door open.
  •  If you live in an older home with working radiators, leave pans of water on top of
  • them as they heat.

Hang the Laundry

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦 on Unsplash

Electric dryers create dry heat and make you miss out on all the moisture that comes
from wet laundry. Skip the dryer and hang your clothes to dry around the house to
create some humidity.

Install a Humidifier and Air Purifier

You can place portable humidifiers in individual rooms for additional moisture or install a
whole-house humidifier, allowing you to control humidity levels easily. Many people
confuse air humidifiers with air purifiers; they aren’t the same. However, the right air
can work with the humidifier to bring your home the best air possible.

Enjoy a Few Houseplants

If you love plants, you’re in luck. When you water a plant, it releases about 97 percent of
that water back into the air. That’s a great help when you’re trying to increase your
home’s humidity.

Here are some houseplants that grow well inside during colder

  •  Pothos
  •  Succulents
  •  Cacti
  •  Crown of thorns
  •  White Christmas cactus
  •  Jade
  •  Orchid
  •  Snowdrop

As you increase the humidity in your home in the winter, you’ll enjoy healthier skin
and overall greater comfort. Implement these tips for the best winter yet this year!