The Healthy New Accessory

Tracking calories, steps, and sleep are now easy— and fashionable.

The rubber bracelets popping up on wrists all over are not just good for your health, they’re fashion’s newest accessory. The bracelets, made by brands such as Fitbit, Nike, and Jawbone, have fitness monitors inside that can track your sleep, steps, distance, and calories burned. Each brand of the bracelet has an app to go along with it that loads your progress straight to your phone. The bracelets allow you to set goals and alert you when you’ve achieved them (for example, the Fitbit vibrates when you reach 10,000 steps for the day). Over the past few months, these wristbands have become stylish in themselves. But now, they’re going even further. Fashion designer Tory Burch has just released a collaboration with Fitbit. The bracelets are now donned with her geometric prints, bright colors and iconic initials, making them true arm candy. Our guess is that there will be more designer collaborations to come. We’re on board with that!

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