Let your true self shine with the clothes you wear. You can express yourself through many artistic mediums, from drawing to dancing. Channeling your identity in your clothes and wardrobe options is one of the best ways to express yourself. It allows you to show off your identity and keep it close to you. Explore these style tips on how to add personality to your outfits and indulge in a stylish form of self-expression.

 Fashion DressEmbrace Your Culture

What you value and believe in, where you grew up, and the societies you connect with make up a huge part of your identity. Embrace your culture by wearing clothes with colors, symbols, and designs that relate to your identity.

One of the biggest pieces of fashion advice to Southern women is owning Southern pride. Southern fashion often involves a lot of ties to Southern culture. Whether it’s the colors of your hometown’s flag or graphic designs that showcase your Southern spirit, you can personalize your outfits in many ways by embracing your cultural identity.

DIY Some Embellishments

Give your clothes a personal touch with some DIY work. Handmade embellishments make your outfits one-of-a-kind and authentic to you. Your creations are an extension of yourself, so why not wear them?

Dye your shirts in a funky pattern. Add rhinestones or patches. Take a pair of scissors and create unique cutouts. You can DIY, personalize, and customize your clothes to further reflect your personality.

 Flower Blue DressPlay With Colors

Colors represent a myriad of expressions. Curate your personal color palette with hues that match your undertones, symbolize your interests, and mirror your personality.

If you’re an outgoing and inviting person, wear warm tones and bright colors. Earthy browns and deep greens create an earthy color palette that matches a down-to-earth and eco-friendly-driven personality. Soft pastels mirror gentle and dainty personalities. Play with colors that encapsulate your essence.

Add a Little Texture

Textures bring dimension and detail to your outfits. Glitter and sequins capture attention, making them great for outgoing, bold personalities and outfits. Prints and patterns add fun design textures to clothes that mirror an energetic and fun personality. Lace is dainty and whimsical, the perfect texture to capture an ethereal and graceful identity. Make your clothes match your character by adding texture.

Self-expression allows you to establish your identity and connect you to your true self. Add personality to your outfits with these style types, and let fashion help you express who you are.