“Now for everything these days people feel entitled for a tip even though they didn’t earn it. All because of Apple Pay technology machines. They don’t need a tip at a fast casual restaurant place! Why should I hit the button for $1 extra? I can’t tip that! I especially refuse to give an extra tip at a smoothie shop! That just kills me! The employees didn’t do anything extra.”

This observation was shared by an individual through a Facebook post, likely a stay-at-home mother in her early forties, who appears to enjoy the luxuries of life with an Infiniti QX80 (MSRP $72,560) and a spacious home. Despite this, she expresses discomfort with the payment screen cashiers present during debit card transactions. These screens often inquire about tipping, sometimes with customizable options or the ability to decline altogether. It’s a situation that can be awkward at times.

While some may feel pressured to tip, the power to decline or choose an amount lies entirely in the hands of the customer. Giving a $1 tip for a smoothie is a personal choice, but it’s essential to remember that hitting the decline button is just as valid. The root of the matter lies in being a decent human being rather than a self-serving opportunist.

In a society wrestling with inflation and economic challenges, individuals hold the power to make choices that align with their values. It’s acknowledged that giving back, even in small amounts, is a duty we all share. The perspective shifts from personal inconvenience to contributing to a society facing significant challenges.

So, while sparing a dollar or two may seem inconsequential to some, it can make a meaningful difference to someone earning $15 an hour with high living costs. It’s a call to be compassionate and give back in modest ways, acknowledging the struggles faced by others in a society in need of support.

We cannot depend on large companies to do the right thing for their employees. Many large companies need a lot more enticing to do the right thing than an individual. We can educate ourselves and choose to be a helping hand in humanity.

So, go ahead Facebook lady, continue shining your Infiniti in the smoothie shop parking lot, but perhaps consider the impact of those small gestures on someone else’s life.