Kari Gunter-Seymour

The Appalachian Mountain region is special and so are the writings of Poet Laureate of Ohio, Kari Gunter-Seymour, who hails from Appalachia, brightening the pages of this sometimes forgotten region. Her following poem, “To No One In Particular”, colors these pages like a completed coloring book, perfectly.

Kari states:

“There have been a good many things written about Appalachia, the majority of them negative. I am always pleased for the opportunity to offer an insider’s perspective, highlighting the perseverance of my people, our values, and our deep connection to the land.”


I am never happy to see summer go,
earth stripped of its finest voice.
I am sitting outside in my heavy coat,
porch light off. There is no moon,
no ambient distractions, the sky a Zion.
I take solace in considering the age
of this valley, the way water
left its mark on Appalachia,
long before Peabody sunk a shaft,
Chevron augured the shale or ODOT
dynamited roadways through steep rock.
I grew up in a house where canned
fruit cocktail was considered a treat.
My sister and I fought over who got
to eat the fake cherries, standouts in the can,
though tasting exactly like every other
tired piece of fruit floating in the heavy syrup.
But it was store-bought, like city folks
and we were too gullible to understand
the corruption in the concept, our mother’s
home-canned harvests superior in every way.
I cringe when I think of how we shamed her.
So much here depends upon
a green corn stalk, a patched barn roof,
weather, the Lord, community.
We’ve rarely been offered a hand
that didn’t destroy.
Inside the house the lightbulb comes on
when the refrigerator door is opened.
My husband rummages a snack,
plops beside me on the porch to wolf it down,
turns, plants a kiss, leans back in his chair,
says to no one in particular,
A person could spend a lifetime
under a sky such as this
Visit Kari’s website here to learn more about her and the Appalachian Mountain region: https://www.karigunterseymourpoet.com/