Moon Magic and New Beginnings – Manifestation Monday invites us to explore lunar phases, ancestral practices, resolutions with a magical twist, maybe a tarot readings for the year ahead.

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Manifestaion Monday (Moon) – Day of New Beginnings and Reflection:

Theme: Moon Magic and Manifestation

January Features:

  • Ritual for Banishing Negativity: We’re guiding readers through a few simple rituals to let go of anything unwanted from the previous year and clear space for abundance.
  • New Year’s Resolutions Revisited: We’ll be encouraging our readers to check in with their resolutions and offer tips for adjusting or strengthening them.
  • “Second Chances” Spotlight: Featuring local businesses or individuals who have overcome challenges and started anew, we are going to be highlighting new beginnings even beyond January 1st.

Share Your Ideas To Add Intention To Your Week:

  • Include recipes for moon-charged water or foods associated with lunar energy: Mystics believed you could increase your lunar energies by consuming dairy products, milk and cream. Starchy foods like potatoes, sweet potatoes are also a favorite. Moon energy has also been associated wit seafood, seaweeds, fish, crab and lobster.
  • Share your goals, hopes and dreams for the year ahead.
  • Share your favorite local meditation or yoga studio so we can tag them in our social media posts.

This concept of Manifestation Monday will be our theme throughout 2024, so join us in revisiting some long-forgotten concepts of mind, body and spiritual development.

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