Meet 21-Year-Old Day Trading Prodigy, Luke Holmstrom

He is a 21-year-old day-trading prodigy and was making thousands of dollars in his high school classroom while the rest of the class was learning about the importance of isosceles triangles. Now, he’s sharing his knowledge to help you earn from the stock market, too.

The Interview 

I was fortunate to interview Luke…

DC Life Magazine: How did you start your journey in day trading?

Luke Holmstrom: That’s a good question. So, I started when I was 14 years old. I saw everything online where everyone’s making money. Growing up in Wisconsin, there was a lot of network marketing that I saw happening around me. So I saw people network marketing, different trading programs, and everyone posting online about it. Ultimately what really showed me that this could be a valuable path and set me off to financial freedom was really a mentor. He helped me and gave me some quick pointers. This mentor was actually a family friend, I went to the same school his son did. And, he even retired probably in his thirties. He would be dropping his kid off in the Ferrari, flying on his helicopter into Chicago on the weekends. So, I saw all this happening and realized he actually worked on the London Exchange, Beijing, and New York. I then looked a little bit more into what he did and I just saw how this could be a potential way for me. Also, in every single test that I’ve ever done where you go through your personality type and what are your interests, every single time the number one thing was a stock broker or something in the financial. And I happen to be good at math.

DC: So, wait, you were 14 when you started trading?

LH: Yes! In high school, I was either a freshman or a sophomore. I was in an economics class, so it was all just about the economy in that class. Well, the stock market’s open at 9:30 and you’re not supposed to look at your phone in high school, you know, they really don’t like that. So I had my fair share of getting my phone taken away because I was playing with stocks and trading bitcoin and making money while the teacher was teaching.

DC: Did you ever have your phone confiscated at a very important moment when you were trying to trade something and you missed the mark?

LH: Yes, it actually happened once. I had a smaller cash account at the time and I did lose a couple of thousand dollars by having my phone confiscated by a teacher. It was a pretty funny experience. But it’s a good memory to look back on. But I do remember that I was super angry, super frustrated. But it is also the rules, right? You can’t have your phone in class.

DC: What exactly does Funded Profits Trading Academy do?

LH: Funded Profits Trading Academy is an online educational space where our whole goal is to help our students solve the two biggest problems that most people face inside of trading, which are education and access to capital. So with education, in the whole trading space, there’s no direct way. I mean, if you want to go into banking investments you can go to college, there are avenues, but if you want to actually just be a day trader and trade for yourself, there’s really no avenues or structured training for you. You don’t just go to college and say, “I want to be a day trader.” <laughs>.

What we do for education is we do is an eight-week training module. We have over 120 video lessons in it. We have PDF support where people can always ask questions because we do want to make sure everyone understands to the fullest capacity. The 120 videos are PDFs supported, and we have more support with that. I also do weekly lab calls. So we do one call every single week and I break down a couple of my previous trades. Then I also go over a topic. It’s a new topic every single week. And then I also do a Q and A session. So if anyone has any questions, the room is opened up and people can ask questions. I never end the meetings until all the questions are answered.

So, you know it could be 30 minutes, it could be a couple of hours, but I do stay on there until there are no more questions. I also do one-on-one calls with people. I believe the one-on-ones are probably the most valuable part of it because then you’re getting a personalized approach. Everyone’s habits are different. Everyone has a different perception. Everyone has different values. Everyone sees the world differently, right? So you have to fit it in with your personality, your characteristics, but also your lifestyle. And then you can make a personalized approach. That’s really the whole point of the one-on-one; to help people have a personalized approach to their trading. Also, it’s a community, but also education because there’s lots of time where people are always asking questions back and forth inside the group and sharing insights on what they’re seeing inside of the market.

We have a whole group of funded traders that all have access to six figures or even have a couple that are seven figures in capital. So, you know, when you get to that point now, there are so many people that can help you on this journey. So that’s another aspect that I consider educational.

DC: Is it easy to do and what can you tell someone new to day trading who might be intimidated by it?

LH: Well, if you don’t have the proper education and you don’t have the proper community, then yes, it’s gonna belaptop and mobile phone showing stock trading hard to do. But I believe if you have the right community, if you have the right training plan, if you have the right tools that you can use, then really almost anyone can succeed in this.

For those intimidated by this, I would say go for it. Because the risk to award is in your favor. The only risk that you have is what you’re willing to lose. And the only thing that you can gain is everything. If you’re not in a good spot right now in your life and something needs to change or if you’ve always been interested in trading, then why not give it a shot, right? Because if you don’t do it right now, you’re just going to regret it later. So if it really is something that someone truly wants to do and they’re just nervous, they’re on the fence about it, don’t worry. A lot of people are, I know I have been there before, I’ve even been a little scared to go inside the markets. But you just need to do it!

DC: What is one piece of advice you could give people now?

LH: Becoming a profitable trader doesn’t only require you to make profits, but it also requires you to preserve capital.

DC: How can we get involved with your course and be prepared? What do we need to bring to the table to get going and how do we get going with your course?

LH: The best way to get connected is through our website. we have Instagram, we have Facebook, we have YouTube. You know, you can always reach out to us on those. But ultimately what really comes down to working with us is going to our website and applying. Not everyone’s going to be qualified for this. We do a good job at qualifying people, and making sure people are a good fit. We only want the best fits.

And then once they apply they’ll get on a call and they’ll speak to a representative again, just to make sure they’re a good fit for this. And then from there we can move forward and start training together.


Luke Holmstrom is the founder of Funded Profits Trading Academy, which has an 80% graduation rate of students, far better than the standard 4% rate of others. Luke’s unique teaching method and strategies allow students to retain 80% of their profits from their trades.
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