Since it’s the beginning of summer, you have plenty of time to work on those abs. Believe in yourself.

Donut/coffee bar to keep you wired

Donut stop believing.

I stayed in the Duck Donuts Sweet Escape Room which is outfitted with Duck Donuts at The Sanderling Resort in Duck, North Carolina. And you can stay there, too.

This room is strategically stocked with donuts within arm’s reach. Also, we can’t forget the donut curtains, donut bedsheets, donut pictures, donut pillows and the views of the waves rolling in from the Atlantic right off my deck.

It wasn’t long before my wife started sampling every donut in sight, so when I got around to them, most of these lovely vanilla-cake based beauties had the indents of teeth in them already.

The Duck Donuts Sweet Escape Room is incredibly Instagrammable, so if you’re trying to grow your social media following, this is the (sweet) spot.

When the night came, I slept with the sliding door open as to welcome the sound of the crashing whitecap waves while I dozed off into dreams of donuts – particularly the maple bacon donut. And the lemon one.

The Sweet Escape Room even comes with a donut delivery concierge in the morning. They knock on your hotel room door and hand a dozen donuts to you like it’s a pepperoni pizza.

Photo credit: Tai Fecht

So, whether you are trying to grow your social media or you’re a family with kids, this is an unforgettable getaway to jump on top of before the end of June. Or, hey, maybe you’re single and just love donuts so much that you want to have a love affair with them. Whatever your status (not my business), this beachfront room is a top choice.

Advice: share the donuts in the Sweet Escape Room. Relationships should be built to last. Remember, in this room being sweet is better than being salty.

Secure your suite now, because you’ve only got until June 30th, 2022, to do so. Rates start at $749 per night. Book your Duck Donuts Sweet Escape room here: