Imagine going to a hotel and asking for a room with a sweeping view. You are given the keys and the room turns out to be a broom closet with a single mattress. This is your “sweeping view”. That is one way to define downright despicable hotels.

Downright despicable hotels aren’t going away anytime soon, so the best we can do is try to dodge them.

Here are the top cities with the most one and two star reviews based on TripAdvisor. The research focus group searched for where it is most likely that you will encounter a bad hotel room.

Myrtle Beach, SC

Many complaints online state that hotels in Myrtle Beach are quite laid back about “Smoke Free” policies. Basically, “Smoke Free” is a suggestion. So much so that a myriad of travelers have complained about rooms that reek of ancient smoke. Almost as if the hotel staff tries to air out the rooms before the next overnight guests stays.

South Padre Island, TX

One TripAdvisor reviewer pointed out how there was a time he was situated on the toilet and a large cockroach came charging toward his feet. He reached for the toilet paper, but there was none. Uh oh. Regardless of the fate of this traveler, many reviews for hotels here mention dirty hotels rooms. Also, many reviews target bugs as a big problem.

    Tampa, FL

    A common theme among travelers to Tampa, FL is how many of the hotels touted being within driving distance of the beach. In reality, these hotels were anywhere from thirty minutes to one hour from the closest beach. Another theme was how staff was typically ruder to customers and more undertrained in Tampa compared to other cities of similar population.

    Nashville, TN

    Not only were travelers reporting random body hairs on “new” towels hanging in the bathrooms, but the overall bar and party scene of Nashville caused quite a review ruckus. Literally. Travelers overwhelmingly reported their post-bar hotel room neighbors being loud and obnoxious throughout the night. To make matters worse, hotel staff do little to step in and stop these antics.

    Atlantic City, NJ

    Reviewers who visited Atlantic City weren’t too fond of spending on average of over $100 per night for a hotel room in a bad or questionable location. It is a common feeling that an inconvenient or unsafe location can detract from your stay. One reviewer stated, “I kept telling myself that cars were backfiring throughout the evening but deep inside I knew those were actually gunshots.”