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Can you smell it? The smell of neon in the spring? I don’t know about you but I know one (circa 1989) four year old who is overwhelmingly happy that neon colors are FINALLY making a come back. Sure sure…. say what you will about us crazy 80’s babies but man was it a good time. Granted I was six when my lime green leg warmers were deemed no longer socially acceptable, but I took it hard.  That is why 26-year-old me is so happy that some of our favorite designers are fully embracing their 1980’s selves.

I am also beyond excited that it is not just the big names like Marc Jacobs and Prada that are pulling out there caboodles (remember those?) and delving into their inner wild child, one of my all-time favorite local Etsy shops La Petite Marmoset Vintage Clothing is offering such eye-popping colors galore! Some of my favorites? La Petite Marmosets “Vintage 80s Bright Magenta Pink Blazer” is pretty much to die for and their “Vintage 80s Redesigned Hi-low Grunge Striped Pleated skirt” makes me wish I was back in California enjoying a plethora of bands Coachella under the scorching spring sun while my friends and I play “spot the famous person trying to look like a hippie.”

All kidding aside, Katherine Martinez and Ashley Turchin, also known as the brains behind La Petite Marmoset Vintage Clothing, are some of the most beautiful and inspiring entrepreneurs I have had the pleasure to talk to. In the grand tradition of plying answers out of local Etsy shop owners, I spoke with Katherine and Ashley about how they got their vintage clothing shop off the ground. Make sure to also check out their shop @ as well!

— How did you start your Vintage Clothing shop La Petite Marmoset?

K&A:  I (Katherine) started a personal style blog in September 2011 that focused on vintage fashion. I had collected many beautiful pieces and knew I wanted to eventually open a vintage store and I did so on Etsy in March 2011. Ashley Turchin of La Belle Vie Vintage started her store in March 2011 as well.  We ended up corresponding and eventually deciding to work together as creative directors of La Petite Marmoset!

— What is it that you enjoy about featuring your clothing on Etsy?

K&A: We enjoy the supportive Etsy community. Everyone is genuinely interested in finding great handmade/vintage products. It feels way more intimate than a big online auction site.

— What does shopping local mean to you?

K&A: Shopping local means supporting items that are handmade/procured with love in the USA. Most of our clothing today is made overseas and is not nearly as high quality as it used to be. I think people realize that they deserve better!

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