We all know that clothing trends come and go. Sometimes trends also change audiences. While tie-dye was once a trend for children’s parties and gatherings, now people of all ages love tie-dye. Part of the reason for this change is because the fashion trends from the 1970s are coming back. People of all ages in the 1970s wore tie-dye, and we can too. And don’t worry—your tie-dye won’t look like your cheap childhood crafts. Keep reading to learn how to make fashionable tie-dye clothing.

Choose a Trendy Clothing Piece To Dye

If you want fashionable tie-dye, then you must start with a trendy piece of clothing as your canvas. Some of the most popular clothing trends right now are denim, maxi skirts, and mesh pieces. While denim is thick and hard to dye, you can do it. Mesh pieces may not show dye jobs very well either, but you can dye them if you want.

Make Your Dye a Trending Color

Now that you have a trendy canvas ready to go, you can make a dye in a trending color. Pastels are especially popular this year, especially pastel purple. Black, lime green, white, and saffron red are also trendy clothing colors. You can use mica powder for tie-dyeing fabric in any of these colors. Choose at least two coordinating colors for the best tie-dyeing experience.

Tie Your Clothing in a Trending Pattern

As we mentioned above, 1970s clothing trends are coming back in style. You can use the ‘70s as inspiration for your tying technique. The way you tie your clothing item will change the look of the design. We suggest tying your skirt and using dye to make peace signs, yin-yang symbols, or mandalas. The classic spiral, freestyle, and kaleidoscope techniques also capture the essence of the ‘70s if you want more options.

Now that you know how to make fashionable tie-dye clothing, you can embrace the 1970s clothing trends. Tie-dye an item already in your closet to give your clothes a new life, or thrift a shirt for maximum sustainability. No matter what canvas you choose, your tie-dyed clothing item will look great.