Let’s help you figure it all out. If you’re unsure of what to wear each day because your closet has too many
options, you may benefit from finding your fashion style. Making some choices on what are going to be your “staples” is a great start.

Do you find yourself dreading the search through your closet for the right things to
wear? You aren’t alone. With so many clothing options available, it’s easy to end up
with a variety of styles that don’t all coordinate with each other. If this sounds familiar,
follow along as we uncover the mystery of how to figure out what your fashion style
is so that you can ditch what doesn’t belong and revamp your wardrobe.

Understanding the 4 Basic Fashion Styles

You have a fabulous personality, and your fashion is likely a reflection of it, or at least it
should be. Let’s look at what the four basic fashion styles are.


To the expressive personality, fashion is more than clothing—it’s an art. You’ll see bold
colors and patterns and a mix of items on those with an expressive fashion style.


The word “feminine” comes to mind when your friend with a romantic fashion style
strolls in. Long, flowy dresses in colors of white and pastels make her look like she just
stepped out of a romantic movie. These people love vintage finds, especially


The classic style isn’t stuffy, and it’s certainly never trendy. The classic look contains
timeless pieces like denim, button-up shirts, and blazers.


Relaxed clothing isn’t just for the weekend. Some people pull it off every day. Comfort is
a priority, but they do it well with wide-legged pants, oversized sweaters, and plenty of
cotton and neutral colors.

Most of us are a mix of styles; however, we tend to lean heavier toward one.

Go Through Your Closet

It’s going to take a little effort to figure out what your fashion style is, but hang in
there—it’s worth it. The first step is to go through your closet. Here are some helpful tip
for this:

 Pull out all the clothing and donate, keep, or sell each piece.
 Put back the clothes you enjoy wearing.
 Organize clothing by fashion styles, such as romantic, classic, relaxed, and

You may notice you only have one style or quite a mix of each. Sorting your clothes in
this way will start to give you an idea of your personal fashion style.

Create a Mood Board

Since much of our fashion sense comes from our own personality and moods, a mood
board can give you a look into what fashion style works best for you. To create a mood
board, you can do it digitally on Pinterest or use a piece of posterboard and attach
photos from magazines. Choose pictures that bring you joy, peace, and a general
feeling of connection and comfort.


Last, experiment with new ideas. Start by understanding the best wardrobe color palette
for your skin
type so that no matter the style, the shade will look good on you. From
there, step into styles you don’t usually try. If you’re always classic but are feeling
bored, try adding some romantic accessories or stir things up with an expressive-style
leopard print dress. You might find you had no idea what your true fashion style was.
Have fun with fashion, and enjoy finding your personal style to help you keep a purposeful wardrobe.