It’s time to shop for coats!

Being out of the loop with dressing warm and still looking cute all summer, it can get tough diving back into the winter fashion world. So let’s fill you in!

Time to trade in your lace tunics for cozy coats because it’s ‘get your flu shots’ season! As much as I can’t stand the chilly weather and would rather hibernate all winter, I can’t help but squeal at the thought of changing up my wardrobe around from summer dresses to snazzy coats and warm hats. After all, that’s what winter’s all about right?

Just like last year fur is back for all age groups. Whether you are in your late forties or early twenties, fur accepts all. However, some of us may see this trend as too risky but once you find your comfort zone, you will be wearing it everywhere!

As winter draws near, the fashion landscape transitions dramatically, just like the changing leaves. Gone are the days of breezy summer fabrics, replaced instead by the rich textures and deep hues of winter wear. Every year, designers present us with fresh, imaginative takes on classic winter styles, and this year is no exception.

The coat, a staple of any winter wardrobe, has undergone another metamorphosis. This season, we are seeing an emphasis on oversized silhouettes, cozy wool blends, and intricate embroidery. These designs aren’t just for warmth; they are statements of their own, turning any sidewalk into a runway. Remember, the choice of a coat can dramatically transform an outfit, making even the simplest sweater and jeans combo pop with sophistication.

And it’s not just about the coat. Accessories like berets, wool scarves, and leather gloves are having their moment too. These are the perfect complements to any winter ensemble, adding layers of both style and warmth. Think of them as the cherry on top of your winter fashion sundae.

So, while the onset of winter might bring with it shorter days and cooler temperatures, it also ushers in a season of sartorial splendor. Embrace the chill in the air as an invitation to reinvent your style. Dive deep into the world of plush fabrics, bold patterns, and statement pieces. After all, winter is not just a season; it’s a fashion statement. So, ladies, prepare to step out and turn heads this chilly season!


Take a look at how to take on this fierce trend for the winter.

By Ghazel Sultan