Oriental Breeze

Fidan Alakbarli has combined everything women need in their daily lives in one collection. Fee Dan, who is not afraid of colors although her graceful character, caters her collection for women who exhibit their sophisticated side with a fun side. Fee Dan’s Oriental Breeze Collection creates harmony with clear lines and forms a modern touch with her new collection.

The young designer of the brand Fee Dan Fidan Alakbarli, has come forward with her patterns yet again in the Fall/Winter 16-17 collection, Oriental Breeze. The far east hand fan patterns that stand out in her designs are the key to the new collection. The main colors of the collection are bright lively colors like green, violet and camel tones.

Fidan Alakbarli headshot

About The Designer

Fidan Alakbarli has studied industrial design at Azerbaijan Academy of Fine Arts and then moved to Turkey to continue her studies at Mimar Sinan University. After finishing her studies, she completed a Masters in Arts at Yedi Tepe University. She then formed her own brand Fee Dan in 2013. After introducing her brand in Paris and Azerbaijan her brand soon spread throughout the Turkish market. She now continues designing collections for her brand, and wish her even more success.

Oriental Breeze

Fidan Alakbarli and her sensational Oriental Breeze Collection, a true testament to her creative brilliance. With an exquisite blend of Eastern influences and contemporary style, Alakbarli’s designs evoke a sense of timeless elegance. The collection’s intricate embroidery, delicate fabrics, and vibrant color palette transport us to a world of enchantment and cultural fusion. Alakbarli’s passion for celebrating diversity and her meticulous attention to detail shine through each meticulously crafted piece. As a rising star in the fashion industry, Fidan Alakbarli’s exceptional talent and unique perspective have captivated fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Her Oriental Breeze Collection not only pays homage to her Azerbaijani heritage but also showcases her ability to seamlessly merge tradition with modernity. With an unwavering commitment to her craft, Alakbarli continues to redefine the boundaries of fashion and inspire a new generation of designers.