Visiting a designer’s factory to understand as much as you can, is the ideal method to use when buying products for your own store.  Indigo Octopus is an elevated beach lifestyle brand that popped up in DC to deliver one-stop-shop services to DC locals and visitors.  They were located in the Logan Circle neighborhood, specifically on 14th Street Northwest.  Indigo buys products from multiple brands to create the beach lifestyle mood for the product assortment.  Michelle Gemberling is the owner along with her husband and we were able to chat at the pop-up.

Brichavon in We Wore What

Brichavon in We Wore What at Indigo Octopus pop up in DC.

Google is teaming up to improve the gaps in the environment in relation to fashion.  The project is setting the stage to soon deliver detailed data in one organized place.  The data will inform brands and those who need to know where the materials are being produced and more.  This information will showcase more details about the environmental factors that contribute to fashion production. Michelle discussed that she has been able to visit various factories while she sources products for her store.  We both agreed that this new Google development will impact and help improve the industry one day at a time.

Brichavon and Michelle Gemberling

Brichavon styled in Indigo Octopus’ We Wore What

The chat with Michelle Gemberling of Indigo Octopus is below.