2019 PUSH Women’s Conference “But God Can!”

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Are you looking for a change?
Does your past, have your mind hostage?
You can’t move forward into what God has for you.
Life has you feeling down! !
Well this is the conference for you!
You will be empowered, through the word of God.
Encouraged to raise your faith expectation level.
When you leave this conference, you will not be the same.
The theme for the 2019 PUSH Women’s Conference, But God Can!
You don’t want to miss this dynamic, powerful and inspiring conference.
The 2019 Women’s conference is free! However, because of limited seating and refreshments will be served; registration is required to attend the conference, and a ticket presented at the door.
Bring your family and or friends! What ever you do don’t miss the 2019 PUSH women’s conference.
We are asking everyone in attendance who can, to stand with us with a $20.00 donation. Donations help us move the ministry forward and help others. However if you know you do not have $20.00 to donate do not let this keep you from attending the 2019 PUSH Women’s conference.
All donations are Tax deductible
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