With Gothika behind her and the comedy Movie 43 being Halle Berry’s last feature film I don’t think anyone saw The Call, a thriller, being her next big venture.

Just when you thought Halle Berry had given up all career hope after hopping on board to do Movie 43 the news of a new movie ‘The Call’ surfaces. In the last couple of weeks, Halle has been videoed introducing trailers for her upcoming new thriller. Yes, I said thriller.

‘The Call’  chronicles a 911 dispatcher, Jordan (Berry), who gets an urgent call from a teenage girl played by Abigail Breslin, that has been abducted and is trapped in the trunk of a car. Throughout the movie, from what I’ve seen in the two trailers, Ms. Berry vows to not only save this girl but seek vengeance on her abductor if the young girl is harmed in any manner even pursuing the emergency offsite of her job.  However, here is the twist, this isn’t your typical abduction, vow to be saved and then saved the movie. Halle’s character actually knows the abductor as a killer from her past. I think for that fact alone everyone should want to see the movie just to visualize how writer Richard D’O Vidio and director Brad Anderson somehow portray this horrific coincidence in a realistic view.

As of late Halle hasn’t had a lot of box office successes under her wings. Her recent personal issues involving her daughter’s father and fiancé Oivier Martinez continue to overshadow the true talent that she is. A blockbuster hit would be just what any doctor would order. To put it bluntly, let’s just hope this thriller is better than Gothika, Halle’s last thriller. If all else fails, us ladies can just look at Morris Chestnut who also stars alongside Halle Berry in this movie.

‘The Call’ hits theaters March 15