With the holidays coming up, are you starting to feel a little overwhelmed? With the countless receipts you’re already anticipating on losing and the crazy schedules you have to keep track of, wouldn’t it be great if there were apps to help you stay organized? Well, there are! Check out these incredibly helpful apps and websites that will make sure you stay cool, calm, and collected this holiday season.


RescueTime – A great app to help you spend your time online wisely and keep you on track with your daily tasks. Want to know how much time you actually spent watching Netflix today? RescueTime will tell you and can actually be set to alert you when you have spent a specified amount of time on e-mail, Facebook, or any other site. With features like blocking websites you need to stay away from and the capability of users to turn off RescueTime whenever they want, this app keeps you productive, but won’t track your time if you need a break. The app even comes with a free lite version, which you can sign up for here!


Postmates – The perfect app if you have a hectic schedule and don’t have time to get to the store, or even grab yourself a healthy lunch. Postmates gives you the incredible gift of time. Just pick any restaurant or store in your area and a “Postmate” will pick up your order and bring it to you in under an hour – and, you can track the delivery to know exactly when your order will arrive. With all of your errands taken care of by Postmates, never miss a meeting again!

Get the app on your phone through the AppStore or GooglePlay today!


Caviar – Another great delivery option for those with little time to get a good meal. This company delivers food from the best restaurants in the area. The beautifully designed website provides you with photos and descriptions of each item, which makes for quick and easy ordering. With GPS tracking, you can also plan exactly when you’ll get your lunch and not have to worry about waiting around for the delivery. Check out Caviar here!


TaskRabbit – Have a leaky pipe that needs fixing or want help moving furniture to your new apartment? Well, TaskRabbit provides you with the solution. The company connects you to others in your community who can help take care of your daily household needs. From cleaning to personal assistance to handyman work to moving help, TaskRabbit is ready to take on your seemingly endless to-do list. Sign up here!


Check out these incredibly helpful apps and websites that will make sure you stay cool, calm, and collected this holiday season.

ReceiptHog – The easiest way to make money by spending it. Every time you buy something, just snap a picture of the receipt, and ReceiptHog will keep track of your purchases and give you coins for each submission.

Before long, you can redeem those coins for rewards like Amazon gift cards! Start making some extra cash for the holidays with ReceiptHog. Get started here!


Acorns – Ever wanted to know what you could do with all your spare change? Well, look no further than the easy-to-use app, Acorns! You can invest your spare change automatically and Acorns will help you build your investment portfolio while giving you expert advice on how to manage it.  Don’t wait around while all that extra change piles up! Get the app today!


Stylebook – Feel like you never have anything to wear even though your closet is full? Don’t just rummage through all of your clothes – use Stylebook instead! This app allows you to upload photos of your wardrobe and store them in a virtual closet. This way, you can keep track of what clothes you have already worn this week and what you need to pack for that upcoming weekend trip. Plus, if you’re feeling bad about that expensive purse you just splurged on, Stylebook can help! The app gives you the capability of logging each day you wear a piece and they can tell you how much you “actually” spent based on how often you’re using the accessory or clothing item. Why wait? Download the Stylebook app now!


MakeupAlley – Need some honest product critiques or advice on anything makeup-related? Then check out MakeupAlley! With their cute lipstick rating system (five lipsticks being the best) and upbeat, insightful reviews on a wide variety of products, the site makes you feel quite at home no matter what your makeup question may be. Possibly the most helpful part of the site is their “Best of the Best” section. Here, you can find anything from the perfect concealer for your skin type to which matte lipstick you should purchase next. For all your makeup questions, click here!


Elevate  – Want a fun, easy way to train your brain without spending half an hour on a difficult crossword or Sudoku? Think about trying out Elevate! The gorgeously clean-lined and well-designed app comes with plenty of games that make learning fun! You can track how much you have learned and can use the program whenever you want! So, download Elevate now!

Enjoy all of these great apps and get a kick-start on your organization before the holidays this year!