By Eschelle Demure

In a world where fashion is the canvas of self-expression, shoes are the brushstrokes that complete the masterpiece. As a covert fashion designer and beauty and fashion ghostwriter with almost two decades of experience, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of footwear on countless occasions. I live through my work, and it has graced the covers of prestigious magazines and filled the feeds of social media platforms worldwide. Today, I reach the masses by syndicating my insights through LDN (Life Diverse Network). Mt perspective is streamed across magazines like DC Life, New York Life, LA Life, Miami Life, and Atlanta Life. In this inaugural article, we explore the world of shoe fanaticism, discussing how to recognize if you have a shoe fetish in an enlightened way while celebrating the vital role shoes play in personal presentation.

Shoes: Beyond Functionality

To comprehend the enchantment of shoe fetishism, we must first recognize the profound influence of footwear on the fashion industry. According to industry statistics, the global footwear market boasts a staggering annual revenue exceeding $200 billion. These numbers are a testament to the significance of shoes as more than mere foot coverings. They are statements of personality, taste, and creativity.

From a stylist’s perspective, I have observed how shoes hold the power to elevate an outfit from mundane to magnificent. They are the anchor upon which personal style is built, and their significance cannot be overstated. It is here that I emphasize the importance of acknowledging and honoring the role shoes play in one’s overall presentation. This is also the time when we need to admit that we “Might have a problem“. It’s the first step to acceptance of our “Retifist” nature.

shoe Fetishes

Celebrating Shoe Fetishism

In the world of fashion, diversity and innovation are our lifeblood. From this standpoint, I assert that the world needs more individuals who celebrate and embrace their shoe fetishes. Why? Because these shoe addictions are not merely indulgences; they are the beating heart of fashion’s creativity.

Shoe fetishism, when understood and celebrated, becomes a powerful source of inspiration. It signifies an appreciation for the finer details, the craftsmanship, and the artistry behind each pair of shoes. To help you determine if you have a shoe fetish, consider these telling signs:

Key Indicators

I have worked with our rather boring Editorial Team to come up with a few questions to determine the severity of your “inner-retifist”. They came up with some”cute” questions that I thought were rather mild on the scale. So I took the liberty of adjusting those questions to “Spicy”. Our Chief Editor has decided to post both. Let us know what you think in the comments:

  • Outfit Origination: (+) Do you find yourself starting your outfit creation process from the shoes up, choosing the perfect pair before anything else? (-) You judge people who don’t, and find it pathetic that they left the house wearing those awful contraptions on their feet?
  • Collector’s Passion: (+) Is your collection of shoes a testament to your unwavering love for footwear, spanning various styles, colors, and designers? (-) You secretly have names for each of your shoes, and you have begun using clear containers to store them?
  • Seasonal Depression: (+) Is your closet overflowing with shoes from your favorite season, and when the season ends you are sad that you must wait until you can wear them again? (-) You have a collection of Fall Boots so extensive that you begin wearing them in August and won’t stop until the pools open back up? You literally have more pairs of Fall Boots than there are DAYS OF AUTUMN!
  • Intrigued by Craftsmanship: Are you captivated by the intricate details and stories behind different shoe designs? Do you follow shoe designers and trends with genuine enthusiasm? (-) You absolutely must speak to the person in the room who is wearing the most coveted footwear in the room…. so you can secretly judge whether they are worthy?
  • Confidence in Each Step: (+) Does donning a remarkable pair of shoes boost your confidence and brighten your mood? Do they empower you to strut your stuff with grace and flair? (-) Do you find yourself allowing your heels to announce your presence, as if the peasants watching you should scurry to lay rose petals in your path?
    “…Like Feast Your Eyes!”
  • Dreams of Shoes: (+) Do shoes often find their way into your dreams, whether they’re vintage treasures or contemporary masterpieces? (-) You may have slept in a pair of Christian Louboutin or Diors….Or you would if you got them?


If you identify with any of these indicators, then welcome to the world of shoe fetishism! Embrace it with pride, for it is this passion that keeps the fashion world endlessly fascinating. Recognize that your mild retifism is not an eccentricity; it’s a wellspring of creativity that enriches the world of fashion.

In the forthcoming articles of this column, we will delve deeper into the fascinating universe of shoe culture. I’ll be exploring trends, stories, and the impact of iconic footwear over the years. Until then, remember that your fascination with shoes is a celebration of individuality. True taste in footwear is a testament to the fact that, in fashion, tiny details make the most significant statements. So, slip into your favorite pair and allow them to guide you on a journey of style, expression, and self-discovery.