20 years have now passed since DiCaprio’s first Oscar nomination in 1994. Will 2014 be his year?

The five-time Academy Award nominee, Leonardo DiCaprio, hasn’t yet won a golden Oscar statuette.  2014 might just be his year, as a result of not just one Academy Award nomination but two.

DiCaprio has put on some memorable performances throughout his career and in 1994 his astonishing portrayal of the mentally challenged boy, Arnie, in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993) resulted in his first Academy Award nomination. DiCaprio, 20 years old at the time, was the youngest nominee in the category of “ Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role”, alongside the renowned actors Ralph Fiennes, John Malkovich, Pete Postlethwaite. He ended up losing the statuette to Tommy Lee Jones.

Regardless of the loss, DiCaprio gained tremendous respect for his talent which resulted in receiving high profile roles, making him a favorite amongst viewers around the globe. Not only did his talent shine through the silver screen, likewise DiCaprio’s beauty seems to have enchanted women of all ages from all corners of the world.

About a decade passed before DiCaprio’s second Academy Award nomination in “Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role”. In the autobiography film, The Aviator (2004), directed by Martin Scorsese, DiCaprio did a fantastic portrayal of Howard Hughes. Scorsese and DiCaprio had grown to become great friends, and the two would work alongside one another for many more films to come. However, the 77th Annual Academy Awards was as much of a disappointment for him as was the 66th Annual Academy Awards ceremony in 1994; DiCaprio left the gala empty-handed. DiCaprio has been recognized as an outstanding actor with extraordinary talent and skill, yet his recognition wasn’t enough to give him the golden statuette at the Oscars in 2005. The Oscar was won by Jamie Foxx for his portrayal of Ray Charles in the picture Ray (2004).

Two years later in 2007, DiCaprio was nominated for his third Academy Award, again in the category of “Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role”, for the role of Danny Archer in the motion picture Blood Diamond (2006). This particular year, there was a lot of Oscar buzz about DiCaprio and his chances of finally receiving the Oscar win in the category of “Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role”. DiCaprio fans from all over the world were rooting for him to take home the gold, but the Academy chose to praise Forest Whitaker for his role in The Last King of Scotland (2006) instead.

Yet again DiCaprio was snubbed on the finish line. Aggravation amongst DiCaprio fans seemed tangible after the outcome of the 79th Annual Academy Awards. Even though the Academy has lost to bestow DiCaprio with a golden Oscar, he has continued putting on vivid and ravishing performances. This year, the 86th Annual Academy Award will be held on March 2nd, 2014, and DiCaprio is running in two Oscar nominations for the same picture, The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), in the categories of “Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role” and “Best Motion Picture of the Year” (as producer), alongside Emma Tillinger Koskoff, Joey McFarland and Martin Scorsese.

In The Wolf of Wall Street, DiCaprio portrays Jordan Belfort, a penny stockbroker thriving in the world of Wall Street by cheating the system. He was named “The Wolf of Wall Street” in an article, and boy did that nickname suit him right. The autobiography, comedy, crime drama directed by Martin Scorsese truly is a masterpiece, balancing the boundaries of the different genres with perfection. DiCaprio’s portrayal of Belfort is magnificent! The comedy aspect to his character is brilliantly performed, with epic dialogue in all the outrageously mad scenarios thrown his way.

The picture has caused quite a stir, since the language and visuals of the film are “tough” (quoting Martin Scorsese), to say the least. But yet it has received five Academy Award Nominations this year. According to Oscar predictions, the statuette for “Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role” will either go to DiCaprio for his portrayal of Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street or to Matthew McConaughey for his spectacular portrayal of AIDS-positive Ron Woodroof, in Dallas Buyers Club (2013).

20 years have now passed since DiCaprio’s first Oscar nomination in 1994. Will 2014 be his year? The 86th Annual Academy Awards will be streamed on our website on the 2nd of March, available for all of you to take part in this extravagant evening in movie history. Please tune in to our live stream to experience firsthand who will take home the golden statuettes this year. Let 2014 be DiCaprio’s year to finally receive his well-earned Oscar, or perhaps even two. Empty handed is not the vision we hope to see for him leaving the gala. May DiCaprio’s evening be golden.