The 86th Annual Academy Award Nominees are not simply terrifically talented actors and actresses, but also human beings with mighty hearts. Watch their honorable work for the well being of others, animals and the environment in the slideshow.

The actors and actresses nominated in this year’s Oscar gala do all possess outstanding craft skills and talent. But what some of us might forget is the fact that these stars are not simply people stuck in our televisions or movie theaters, they are all regular people like the rest of us.

These fantastic actors and actresses, these stars, are whom we look up to and aspire to be like. They, therefore, have a great impact on us and the sorrowing world. All of the nominees set a great example of what we all should be doing – giving back to the ones that need our help and support. Not simply to the humans around the world, but the animals too.

Some of the nominees have taken an interest in the environment too, which might be something we at times forget to pay attention to. We live in a world where the balance between the creatures, oceans, and plants is crucial for the world to stay intact. When neglecting the environment for the sake of money and wealth, the environment is being compromised. There is no place for us to let our greed compensate for the health of nature. This we need to pay closer attention to, or imbalance might occur with devastating consequences.

The nominees are raising awareness of organizations in all fields, giving us all a greater perspective on what needs to be done. I believe their philanthropy work is admirable and worthy of mentioning. They do far more good than we at times recognize, we perceive them as ‘stars’, not as people with kind hearts and charitable minds. But they are just that, people like us.


Photo credit: Walt Disney Television