Making Jewelry Yourself: Step by Step
Jewelry has always been the way people expressed their individuality. Every girl wants to wear a unique item no one has. Creating jewelry of your own is much simpler than it seems. Everything you need is a good idea and some materials for your future masterpieces. So, let’s follow this process step by step.

Need for Idea

1. Make up your mind about what kind of jewelry you want to create. If you are a first-timer in this sphere, it is better to start with something simple. Still, simple doesn’t mean bad as a minimalistic design is very popular now.

2. Choose the style. Think about earrings, necklace or a bracelet you or one of your friends would like to wear and search the Internet for a similar thing. Don’t forget to look at jewelry stores and some vintage pieces. Find a picture that will be a clear example for you.

3. Choose the colors. The best idea is to make jewelry as an accessory to an existing look. Find the colors that match your mood and clothes.

Make a Sketch

Even if the last time you have drawn something was in primary school. This sketch will be only for you and it will definitely help you to visualize your idea and better understand how to do it.

While drawing, pay attention to the sizes of the details and their correlation. Don’t be lazy and make several sketches with different colors in order to choose the best combination.

Choosing materials

Jewelry requires some special materials you may not have at once. Fortunately, you can easily buy everything you need in an accessory store. Let’s see the most common materials and their main features.

1. Beads can be found in a whole range of colors, materials, and shapes. Depending on whether they are glass, plastic or stone, beads vary in price and use.

2. Metals can be used in chains, wires, rings, buckles and so on. They usually make a carcass of the item and fastens some details. If you are going to make jewelry for sale, you might need many spring rings and other wired clasps of high quality.

3. Stones can both go as a bead set and be an independent element of your jewelry. They can be quite expensive and give a gorgeous look to your item.

4. Wooden details are very popular now. They create a natural, cozy style and match with ground colors.

5. Textile and other unusual materials can also be used in your project according to your taste.


The process of creation itself requires patience because you are likely to work with small details. Make sure you have a comfortable working place, a flat surface to put all the materials and proper lighting conditions. If your project requires some elaborate combination of wires, it may be difficult to make it yourself, so order wire forms beforehand and work with the ready-made details.

After everything is ready, you can proudly wear your own jewelry or make it a creative present.

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