Pavement Signs: For Optimal Promotion of High Street Businesses
There are diverse strategies that could be utilized to promote a high street business and increase its sales but the said tactics are known to vary from one owner to another. In order to attract the pedestrians, who are considered the primary customers of such a store, individuals are known to opt for pavement signs. Do you wish to know the reasons that have made installing these boards so much popular? If yes, feel free to buy some time and take a close look at the below-mentioned pointers.

1. Pavement signs are simple, useful, and serve a definite purpose. They are specifically designed for attracting the consumers, informing them about the appealing deals, or for offering a message. According to a latest research, about 60% of people would contact a business just because of the visual aspect of these signs that manage to convey a considerable amount of data. 

2. All the conventional forms of advertising starting from printing flyers to marketing through television and radio are extremely expensive. While online promotion is a viable and affordable option, the technique is more suitable for large scale businesses. Small stores with limited budgets are known for relying upon signboards that can increase both traffic and profits and could be purchased at a reasonable price.

3. The best thing about pavement signs is that they are readily available in numerous designs and business owners are thus free to choose the one that would best suit his style. Some of the common options include:

  • Blackboard signs.
  • Whiteboard signs.
  • Notice boards.
  • Poster frames.
  • Hanging signs.
  • Illuminated signs.

Now that you are aware of the major benefits, let us explore some of the common materials that are utilized when it comes to manufacturing a pavement sign.

1. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with an adhesive back, also known as self-adhesive vinyl is perhaps the best choice. The material is ideal for making signboards as it is waterproof in nature.

2. Fluted plastic or corrugated polypropylene comes next in our list. A large number of business owners use this material to make signboards because it is durable and quite cheap.

3. Aluminum is perhaps the best material for a pavement sign because it has a thick surface. The composite could be easily screwed, drilled, and shaped for creating boards with maximum impact. In addition, it is known for having great strengths, could endure all kinds of weather conditions, and last for prolonged periods even with little or no maintenance.

4. Although not quite preferable, foam is at times used for making signage. Being a dense material with smooth finish, this material is available in diverse sizes and thicknesses. Foam signboards are extremely flexible and can be easily cut and drilled for creating stunning designs. These boards could be made strong when backed with a Velcro tapes.

No matter whether a signboard is going for an outdoor display or an indoor exhibition, temporary promotion or a permanent signage; choosing an appropriate material is of utmost importance.

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