Different Hollywood Movie Genres That You Can Watch
In terms of making good quality movies, the Hollywood is the number one thing that will easily pop into someone’s mind. Well, no one can really argue the credibility and the standard of many movies that come out from the Hollywood. Aside from the US as one of its major market, the movies from Hollywood are also played in different cinemas all over the world earning billions of dollars annually. Most of the movies produced in Hollywood are meant to entertain viewers in the different part of the world. Special effects, famous artists, and mind-blowing plot twists are some of the themes that encourage people to watch a particular movie.

There are different genres of movie that you can choose from. Knowing which one you like is very easy to do. But if you are unaware of the different genres of movies, then I suggest that you continue to read this article. I will be discussing each one of them and gave the latest movies for each genre for you to watch so that it will be much easier for you to understand.


This type of movie involves a lot of physical stunts such as jumping, falling, chasing, and fight scenes. Its story is quite straightforward where a good guy battles an evil guy. Presence of different gadgets, use of different explosives and different martial techniques are commonly used in this kind of movie making it attractive to both young and adult audience. Some of the latest action movies that you can watch are Dunkirk, The Hitman’sBodyGuard, War of the Planet of the Apes, American Assassin, Kingsman: The Golden Circle and a lot more.


Just like that of an action movie that is filled with action and energy octane setting, adventure movies involves a story that is exciting and gives new and thrilling experience to its viewer. It usually involves characters that are traveling, doing some conquest, exploring places, and how they face different hardships and struggles. Example of the latest Hollywood movie with this kind of genre is Spider-Man:Homecoming, Wonder Woman and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.


This movie genrewill definitely you laugh endlessly. It is typically light-hearted with the aim of entertaining and putting humor in the story for the viewer to have some fun. Most of the situation, language, and action of the different actor/actress in this kind of genre are overly done giving its viewer an escape from stressful day-to-day life events. Example of this movie is Home Again, The Layover and Despicable Me 3. You can watch as well as download all your favorite movies online on 123movies.


This movie genre is quite heavy in terms of themes. It includes killing, stealing and other inhumane activities that are typically done by different criminals, mobsters, gangs, and different underworld organizations that are not afraid of the law. Baby Driver, Suburbicon, and American Made are some of the crime movies that you can watch.


Drama movies are usually serious and involved real-life situations that will eventually shape the life of the protagonist/antagonist. It aims to make its viewer relate to the situation and emotion that the character in the movie is experiencing. It can make a viewer cry, learn lessons and be inspired after watching this genre of movie. Example of the latest movie in the Hollywood with this genre is The Glass Castle, Good Time and All Eyez on Me.


If you wanted to scream and be frighten every now and then, look for a horror movie. It involves a portrayal of a worst and frightening character, story, and event in order to scare and create a fearful feeling on its viewer. It has many violent scenes and may include different mythical creatures such as vampires, werewolf and a lot more. Example of this movie are Annabelle:Creation, It Comes at Night and Get Out.


Musical movies always involve a lot of song and dance performance in order to convey its storyline to the viewers. This always leaves a good impression on anyone who watches it and can lift up their spirit. Some musical movies are enjoying to watch are Beauty and the Beast, La La Land and Trolls.

Science Fiction

This movie genre is consist of themes that are futuristic, visionary and involves lots of imagination. Advance gadgets, traveling in the universe, the existence of aliens and inexplicable monsters is always a part of a science fiction movie. Guardians of the Galaxy, The Circle, and Passengers are an example of movies that fall under this kind of genre.

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