Curcumin for Parkinson’s disease Nurtures Brain & Its Function
Experiencing slight shaking or tremor in finger, thumb, hand, chin or lip lately? Or tremble in legs while seated? You may be suffering from Parkinson's disease, a condition that slowly damages your nervous system controlling movements and motor skills.Active ingredient of turmeric, Curcumin for Parkinson’s disease has unturned a new pathway that leads to improved cognitive abilities. Curcumin for Parkinson’s disease acts by nurturing brain cells and improving your nervous pathway that controls most of our motor as well as cognitive skills.

Parkinson’s disease starts gradually with tremor in one hand which is not even noticeable. It can also cause stiffness and slow movements despite being known to cause tremors. Parkinson’s disease involves malfunctioning and death of neurons in substantia nigra which are vital nerve cells in the brain. 

Curcumin for Parkinson’s disease has been proved effective as it can crossthe blood-brain barrier and thus holds promise as a neuro-protective agent.

Facts about Parkinson’s

 Parkinson’s disease has been named after British Dr. James Parkinson (1755-1824), identifier of the neuro-degenerative condition.
 Parkinson’s diseaseis not just a disease of the “old people” – equally affect younger generation.
 A clear understanding of the disease stimulates early treatment.
 Anxiety and depression are two most common complications that comes with Parkinson's.
 Regular physical exercise enhances quality of life.
 Surgical intervention, Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) treats symptoms in a much better way.
 Being a part of a support group can prove beneficial.

Curcumin for Parkinson’s disease: Yellow Condiment for Brain

Curcumin for Parkinson’s disease protects nervous system from toxicity induced by homocysteine and thus helps with impaired motor function.  Anti-oxidant present in turmeric inhibits the destruction of neurons present in substantia nigra and prevents reduction of dopamine levels.

However, curcumin found in common turmeric fails to exert 100% of its therapeutic effects due to poor bioavailability, fast metabolism by liver, requirement of additional compounds and tedious methods and low content in turmeric (only about 1-3%).

Hence, SNEC 30 (Self Nano Emulsifying Curcumin 30mg) has been co-developed by Arbro Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd, DRDO (Defense Research & Development Organization), and Jamia Hamdard University in collaboration with DST (Department of Science & Technology, GOI). SNEC 30 is US Patented for the technology used.

SNEC 30 for Parkinson’s diseas

 Highest Bio availability and Fast Action

SNEC 30 contains highest bio available curcumin that acts on brain cells and requires very small quantity to reach therapeutic level in blood.

 Inhibits brain cell death

SNEC 30 is found to have preventive impact on motor impairment in animal model of Parkinson’s disease. The anti-oxidant properties of Curcumin inhibit the destruction of neurons in substantia nigra and thus helps decrease reduction of dopamine levels.

 Acts As Superior Anti-oxidant

SNEC 30 prevents free radicals, curbs oxidative stress and acts on various biochemical pathways to prevent cellular death of dopaminergic neurons.

 Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

SNEC 30counteracts inflammation caused by degeneration of neurons as well as reduced dopamine levels. Research has showed proven relevance of Curcumin in treating and preventing Parkinson’s disease.

 Prevents Formation of Lewy Bodies

Brain cells have a protein which undergoes through structural changes in Parkinson’s disease and cause cellular death in brain cells, resulting in formation of protein aggregates which are referred to as Lewy bodies. Curcumin for Parkinson’s disease is found to inhibit accumulation of this protein by inhibiting oxidative stress-imbalance between pro-oxidants and anti-oxidants.

 Inhibits Enzyme Monoamine Oxidase

In Parkinson’s disease there is production of abnormal amount of enzyme monoamine oxidase leading to oxidative damage and cellular death. SNEC 30 effectively inhibits this enzyme.

 Fights Anxiety and Depression

Alterations in movements give rise to hesitations and mood disturbances in public gatherings and if ignored can trigger the onset of depressionand anxiety. Curcumin for Parkinson’s disease treatment results in greater benefit in people who had atypical depression.

Dosage and Safety - Optimum dose is 1 capsule twice daily or as directed by the physician. Trials report very few, if any, adverse effects of SNEC30 even at a high dose. 


All the information on this site is for the purpose of general education and in no way can substitute the consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor.

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