The Captivating City of Delhi
Delhi is known for its magnificence and terrible traffic. Still many travellers from across the world travel to the city throughout the year. Being the capital city of India, it has the largest area amongst all metro politans in the country and second largest in population.

Delhi is divided into two regions; Old Delhi and New Delhi. Old Delhi hosts some of the major monuments of Indian history and New Delhi is built in a more modernised way. So, for a traveller, there are many things to discover on their Delhi tour. There are many tourist attractions in Delhi that you need minimum three to four days to fully cover it. But if don’t have much time in hand, you can also take Delhi one day tour package to see some of the prominent places in the city.

India Gate – You cannot miss being here if you are in Delhi. Located in the centre of the city, you are bound to visit India Gate on your to and from in Delhi. The main significance of this place is that it is built in remembrance of soldiers who laid their lives in world war. This famous place was built by Sir Edwin Lutyens in 1921 and is currently a popular picnic spot for Delhi residents. There is also an eternal flame lit for soldiers who sacrificed their life in 1971 war against Pakistan.

Red Fort – Located right opposite the famous Chandni Chowk bazaar is the pride of the country. Every year, Indian prime minister addresses the country from Red fort on auspicious occasion of Independence Day. This monument was built during the Mughal reign by Emperor Shah Jahan in 16th century. There many things to look at while you are in red fort like Mumtaz Mahal, Diwan-E-Aam, Diwan-E-Khas, Rang Mahal, Shah Burj And Hamam.

Akshardham Temple – Situated on the banks of Yamuna River, this temple is spread across 100 acres. This temple holds a great importance for Hindus and is known for its sheer size and architecture. A visit to this temple is spiritually elevating experience. This building comprises of a temple, open gardens, and water bodies.

Humayun’s tomb – This monument is a world heritage site declared by UNESCO. As the name suggests, Humayun’s tomb was built in 1570, 14 years after the death of Mughal Emperor Humayun. Haji Begam, wife of the emperor, with support of his son Akbar built this monument in his remembrance. The structural design of this place is inspired from Persian architecture. Many rulers from Mughal dynasty are buried in this tomb.

Lotus temple – The reason this place is called lotus temple is because the temple is built in shape of a lotus flower, which is also the national flower of India. This temple was built in 1980 and is made of pure white marble. There are about 9 petals and each petal has a pool which lit up in natural light. The view is absolutely spectacular in the evening when the flood lights are lit.
There is no dearth of tourist places in Delhi. So, for sure, Delhi day tour is not enough to cover all the places.

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