Local Moves Should Be Planned For As Long Distance When In NYC New York
Dumbo Moving and Storage is definitely one of the most important companies in the industry. New York City is a really appropriate place for good moving companies. One of the cheapest NYC moving companies Dumbo moving. Dumbo is:

• Efficiency;
• Professionalism;
• Punctuality.

This describes this moving company perfectly. Whether your move is long-distance moving or local moving, your possessions are all carefully handled. Being highly experienced, Dumbo movers make any move easier for you.

Best for NYC local

Dumbo is one of best companies for local NYC moves – from one side of New York to another; one borough to Manhattan. They are well versed in most of the streets in the NYC areas and also the little shortcuts to get from yourold address to your new address fast with less traffic.


The company’s headquarters is in Brooklyn, so there are a lot of local Brooklyn moves performed.They also will move you wherever you need to go. DumboMoving and Storageeffectively cover Manhattan, and other areas in New York City.

New Technology

Dumbo uses all the new technology that is often under-utilized in this industry. The smart phone unlocks simple things such as no longer needing to visit a potential client to give an estimate. Often the company could make 10 home visits a day and not get the jobs and that is an awful waste of time. So Dumbo has on their website enabled secure live video chat which is able to show the company what client’ will be moving.

This will save a massive amount of time for both the client and the company as the video chat estimate and quote only takes:

• Only about 5 minutes for 1 bedroom;
• Only about 10 minutes for 2 bedrooms;
• Only about 15 minutes for 3 bedrooms.

Now this is more convenient for both the client and the moving company.

New York City

With this moving company, moving anywhere in New York City is made easier. This is important as New York City is huge and the spider web of streets can be a nightmare if you have not lived most of your life in this city. This is a local move that in some ways seems like a long distance move.

Moving stories

According to the many moving stories people often have, local moves can be turned into nightmares easily. Clients need to follow all the guidelines and tips one would follow if the move was long distance – this is because most clients do not treat it that way.

Cheaper not easier

Local moves are cheaper but they might not be any easier than long distance moves. There is just as much moving chaos when moving short-distance butplanningis often taken for granted when you are moving locally. The move should always be planned ahead. Unfortunately, it is usually in the middle of a short move when you will realize that you should have planned more.

Moving day

There are things that need to be done before moving day. First, all the packing should be done with the boxes marked as to what room in the new place the boxes should be put in. There should only be one box opened and that is one which you might need something out of – such as documents, information about the move, and a change of clothes for each family member because you might want to go out to eat after the move is over. All the other cartons should be taped and marked and put up against the wall so path ways or door-ways are not blocked. This makes it much easier for the movers to put the boxes on the truck. Nothing is more of a nightmare like packing boxes while the movers are there ready to put them on the truck.

Animals and children

The animals and smaller children should be gone as they will only be in the way. The cats or dogs can be checked into a Pet Hotel for one night. It is worth the money since they will have such fun and will never miss you. Smaller children should go to grandmothers or day-care for the day and to even spend the night. While kids that are older ones can spend the day at the movies or at a friend’s home.

Expensive items

Every family has some personal heirlooms, paintings that are huge and a computer network. This is the decision that needs to be made – will these items go on the truck or will you be moving these items yourself? If you are moving them yourself, have them in an area and marked “don’t move” so they accidently don’t get on the truck. With computer equipment you should have all the cables and other small items in a box so everything for your computer network is together and not put in ‘forty’ different places.


Many people want to know if the moving crew gets a tip and the answer to that question is yes – and it is also suggested that after you get to the new home, order pizza for the crew. After all, they by now have become friends who you have just spent a stressful time with so pizza and tips are both appropriate to do.

Finally thing to remember

It is important to remember that during a move when everything becomes quite stressful – just remember that tomorrow it will be over. Sure, you have all the boxes to unpack but at least all the furniture is in place.

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