Be an Expert on Adult Dating
How do we become an expert in dating?  How do we get the expertise?  Do we get it with age and experience?  Do we get it by watching a lot of romantic movies and reading all types of dating advice books out there?  Do we really have to be an expert to date somebody?

Well, there is nothing to lose to be an expert on something as long as it is for good intent. 

Like everything in life, one does learn from their mistakes.  So any bad date should not be looked upon as a failure but it should be treated as a learning experience.  And hey, how will you know if it’s a good date unless you sit through several bad dates.  So, the bad dates teach you several rules of adult dating, what not to do, what not to say and what not to wear for a date. So, the experience does make you an expert in dating, of course, as long as you are learning from your past dates. Age and experience definitely count in being an expert on adult dating.

Does knowledge count in being an expert on adult dating? Yes, it does.  As long as it is the right knowledge.  The up to date knowledge of the technology, information, and etiquette do have it’s effect on dating.  This knowledge can be acquired through books, media and other sources of information.  One need not wait for the experience and age to get this kind of knowledge.  Other’s experiences in dating is a very good source of information to anybody who wants to be an expert on dating. 

In this current trend of adult dating, if one has to be an expert, it is important that they keep themselves updated with the technology.  One has to be aware of every new social networking trend.  Just like the fashion trends, the adult dating trends change periodically.  “Nerds” are the current popular trend, people are preferring to date nerds and they find themselves ‘cool’, not just to hang out but also to date. Nobody knows what the next date trend is going to be.  If you can predict that, you are already an expert in dating. 

The most important thing though that anybody who wants to be an expert in dating needs is understanding the human nature.  If you can do that well, none of the above matters.  Well, not all of us are experts in predicting human nature, hence we follow the above rules to be an expert in adult dating.

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