5 Great Summer Bedroom Makeovers
Your bedroom is your refuge from the world; it’s where you hole up through the long winter nights and where you relax with your coffee on the weekend mornings. As spring peeks around the corner with its promise of longer, warmer, sunnier days, you open the windows, dust the corners, change the sheets, and pull back the curtains. It’s time to bring in the new season with some fresh décor and a brighter atmosphere. You want a look that’s going to reflect your style and personality while adding a breeziness to the bedroom that will be perfect for summer, but still warm and comforting for winter and those endlessly rainy days.

You can bring spring décor in to the bedroom by changing up your fabrics and bringing in Easter-inspired colours (whites, purples, yellows, robin’s egg blues, and greens). In fact, this year’s Pantone colour of the year, Greenery, is a perfect choice for throw pillows to add a touch of budding spring to your room.

Besides fabrics and covers, you might also want to think about buying some new bedroom furniture, especially bringing in solid wood bedroom collections. Take a look at these five bedroom furniture ideas that look great in solid wood:

1. Desks and Chairs

A small desk and chair can make a great place to read, drink a tea, or write in a notebook in the morning or evening, just before bed. A small desk in oak or cherry can quickly become a favourite place to settle in and get your thoughts out on paper.

2. Night Tables

A cherry night table to hold your books or lamp will create a beautiful, reassuring sense of warmth. You can also choose darker stains to create a sleek and contemporary look or use reds and browns to create a cozier feeling.

3. Cabinets

A signature piece made of wormy maple will give your room a lovely feel and fragrance. For the best night’s sleep you ever had, keep your electronic equipment in there and shut the door on it at night to keep out all light.

4. Beds

Your dreams will be sweeter in a bed that was constructed with age-old techniques such as dovetail corners instead of the modern screw and glue methods. To store winter blanket or linens, you can have under-bed storage drawers (although feng shui designers suggest keeping the space under your bed clear of storage). Look for solid wood construction and customize to your own needs – wood furniture makers like Toronto-based Woodcraft make one-of-a-kind custom wood beds in all kinds of wood, with endless customizable stain options.

5. Wardrobe

A traditional wardrobe will give your bedroom a classic look and feel, not to mention provide you with plenty of space for clothes. From their Ottawa Valley Armoire to their New Yorker wardrobe, Woodcraft solid wood wardrobes are unique solid wood pieces that look great in any bedroom.

High quality wood furniture offers unlimited choices for your summer makeover ideas. Fine wood furniture makers like Woodcraft offer designs customized to your exact specifications as well as classic furniture designs that have graced elegant homes for decades. When you think about the many varieties of wood grain and colour, the wonderful texture and feel of a finely crafted wooden table, chair or armoire, do you feel chills down your spine? Just think how wonderful it would be to have your bedroom filled with quality wooden furniture that will provide comfort and relaxation while enhancing its appeal and value.

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