4 Ways You Can Still Use An Old Rug
If you are looking to remodel a room, or have already done so, you might be wondering what you can do with the rug that used to be there. If it cannot be put anywhere else in your house, you need to get rid of it. And if it is too old or worn out, you might not be able to sell it to somebody. After all, who nowadays is shopping for used rugs?

 indoor and outdoor rug

But do not just burn or toss that old rug out just yet. There are many things you can do to the rug that can be very useful for day to day living.

1. Welcome mat

These are decreasing in popularity, but you can still place your rug outside your front door, or the door inside your garage, as a welcome mat. All you have to do is cut it down to an appropriate size, and add a rug pad underneath it, and you are good to go. If this rug is not an indoor and outdoor rug, it is better suited for indoor use, so we believe that a mat in front of door in the garage is a better recommendation.

2. Yoga mat

You can buy your own yoga mat, or you can simply save some money by using your old rug. If you cut your rug in the shape of an exercise runner, you can exercise and pose on this rug as well. Yoga mats are very dirty to use if not washed regularly, so if you go to the gym to exercise, you can skip using a public mat and bring a mat of your own to exercise on. If you already own a yoga mat, you can alternate between the mat and your repurposed rug and wash them occasionally to reduce the risk of getting sick.

3. Gardening cushions

Gardening, unless with the involvement of tools with poles, is a very down and dirty job. Tasks such as pulling weeds involves kneeling or sitting on the hard ground, making it a very uncomfortable position as you work. You can cut a part of your rug, however, and fold it to provide your seat or knees some viable cushioning so you can work outdoors in comfort. Using a repurposed rug like this is also ideal for home improvement jobs inside the house as well.

4. Furniture sliders

Are you moving and need some assistance with transporting heavy objects like armchairs, tables, sofas, desks, or even pianos? Do not use a fairly new indoor and outdoor rug to slide furniture on; an old rug can make moving these clumsy furniture pieces much easier, and you can use it in one of two ways.

You can place the furniture directly on one end of the rug, with the pile side facing down. One person can pull the rug forward while another person can steer where it is going. In many cases, this is much better than trying to lift the furniture.

If the rug is too small to either to place the piece of furniture on, or get a good grip of, you can cut the rug into squares that are 4 inches by 4 inches big. Slip a piece of rug with the pile side down underneath each leg of the furniture, and carefully guide it along rooms to help it move quicker.

As you can see, rugs can serve further purposes after years of use and gradual wear. These are just a few things you can do with old rugs after replacing them with a brand new rug for your home.

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