10 Reason Why You Should Buy an Engagement Ring
As if we need an extra excuse to wear jewelry, engagements are one of the ultimate expressions of love and devotion, hence the urge to commemorate the occasion with a symbolic circle of never-ending commitment. But the importance of such a widely-beloved gesture will surpass the moment – the ring represents so much more, so ladies all over the world crave this particular piece of frost in their collection more than anything else.

1. Traditional values

Cultures all over the world cherish the custom of the ring, especially in the west, where De Beers’ slogan “A Diamond is Forever” won over the romantic hearts of many. The diamond’s purity and durability embody the same values of a man’s love for his future spouse, so this precious stone is the perfect epitome of your union.

2. The unparalleled gesture of love

It seems that everything, from kisses, hand holding to lovemaking in the sunset, is building up towards diamond engagement rings as the romantic gesture above all gestures. Getting down on one knee, uttering those magic words and opening up the lovely velvet box to uncover the shine – the whole shebang is intended to symbolize the culmination of your undying love.

3. A wearable memory

She surely has plenty of baubles in her jewelry box, many of which she received as a gift from her bff, family members or even from you. And as much as she enjoys wearing them, a diamond can be only one, and nothing can compare to the emotional legacy of a well-chosen engagement ring. Rest assured, no matter which one you choose, she’ll treasure it for good.

4. It can be your nest egg

Although a cruel way to think of this lovely jewel, if rough times come a-knocking, you will be able to re-sell your bling for a decent sum of money, helping you get back on your feet and move on with your lives.

5. Sky-high love

Love sure doesn’t have a price tag, so a ring cannot be compared to an expensive vacation or some other expendable treat. Even if you don’t have that much to invest, there are affordable yet genuine options out there that will make your lovely bride feel appreciated and valued.

6. Family heirloom

Perhaps you don’t have one in your family yet, and you’d like to start the tradition, but passing on a beautiful engagement ring from one generation to another is a wonderful way to strengthen your family bonds and welcome the new members into your closest circles.

7. The sheer shopping joy

Now who hasn’t been tempted to walk into that glistening store filled with fine pieces of unique jewels? Maybe watches are your forte or you’ve always wanted to see what all the fuss is about, but the process of picking out the right ring is like a feast. It often takes time, and you should savor every moment of it!

8. Making it unique

Nowadays, some stores offer online customization of your engagement ring, which gives you plenty of creative freedom to turn the ring into something that would reflect your loved one’s character, and that you know she’ll wear with pleasure. Is she one of a kind in your eyes? Express it with an equally one-of-a-kind engagement ring.

9. The diamond glow

Although you personally might not be impressed by the hypnotizing sparkle of the diamond in the sun, your loved one surely will! Ladies love the attention, and a well-crafted rock atop their ring will be the personification of their own inner joy, and they cannot wait to share the news with the world.

10.  One ring to rule them all

Yes, every woman will be proud of her finest piece in the collection, and she will show it off with grace everywhere she goes. It will be the one she never wants to leave home and put on a pair of flashy earrings instead. It will be the one item that goes perfectly with all her outfits, and the one that she will gladly wear ‘til the end of time.

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