Guide: How to Care for Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are the girl’s best friend, but are you as good a friend to your jewelry collection as it is to you? Lack of care for your diamonds will show in the form of discoloration, smears, and other signs of wear, which is why you should try to keep your jewels clean and polished at all times. In case you’re new to diamond care, here are a few simple guidelines which can help you preserve your gemstones in perfect shape.

Diamond Storage: Safe as Diamonds

To keep your diamonds safe from quick-fingered intruders, it would be best to keep them stored under lock and key. To stay on the wear-free side of storage, store each gemstone individually: it will prevent accidental scratches and other forms of inadvertent damage diamonds may sustain through direct contact. Before storing your diamonds, wrap each piece in a soft fabric or place it inside a jewelry pouch to minimize the risk of scratching. If you can afford a purpose-built fabric-lined case, you can use these for diamond storage, but be sure to store each jewelry piece inside a separate compartment. Also, never store your diamonds as loose stones or large piles: this may look in the movies but in real life it will only result in large-scale gemstone damage, so don’t do it with either real or fake stones as it will drastically lower the value of your jewelry.

Wear with Care: Diamond Handling

You’ve probably noticed that your diamond jewelry repels water but oil and stick will easily stick to the lustrous surface which can completely ruin the graceful look of your gemstones. To keep your diamond jewelry safe from harm, don’t wear it while engaging in activities that can lead to sweating, discoloration, and accidental chipping. In addition to that, you should avoid wearing your diamond jewelry after using creams, lotions, and other skincare products as this may result in discoloration and loss of sheen. If you own jewelry with more than one diamond, it would be a wise idea to check the settings and mountings to make sure every stone is in place and is free of excess oil, grime, and other debris that could make the stone loosen and fall out. When not in use, diamonds should be stored inside a soft pouch or fabric-lined jewelry box.

Shiny as It Goes: Diamond Cleaning

To be sure your diamond jewelry stays in solid shape in the decades to come, you should inspect it regularly for signs of wear and dirt buildup. In case you detect signs that stones have loosened in the settings, you’ll need to have the piece repaired by a professional jeweler. When cleaning loose gemstones and sensitive jewelry such as diamond engagement rings or earrings, soak each piece in an ammonia-based solution for 10-12 hours, gently clean it with a soft brush, and finally rinse the item with clear water and wipe it dry with a soft lint-free cloth. Also, you should avoid bleach and acid-based detergents as these can easily make the stone come off the setting. If you want to get the biggest cleanliness bang for your diamond maintenance buck, use an ultrasonic cleanser in combination with a detergent solution to strip away dirt.

Keeping your diamonds clean and properly stored is vital for preserving their awe-inspiring shine and blemish-free glamour. Still here? Congratulations: you know how to handle, store, and clean your diamonds, so make sure you follow the steps above if you want your brilliant gemstones to remain your loyal companions in the years to come. Indeed, all that shines isn’t gold – some of it is well-maintained diamonds.

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