Delhi is going to hit the Traveling Note for People
India is a land of amazing monuments, stunning spots, religious shrines, historical places and much more. Whether you talk about a state or capital, everything has something to offer. Talking about Delhi, it has been winning hearts of tourist since its establishment.

There are splendid places to visit in New Delhi. You just have to find out some time and you can get the best experiences within the realm of capital. Whether religious or historical, adventurous, or artistic, you can experience it all.

The Capital is packed with Diverse Spots

Tomb of Safdarjung

- Safdarjung's tomb is settled in the midst of a beautiful garden that scatters over an area of around 300 square m. The garden is established in the design of the Mughal Charbagh chic. This beautiful memorial was labelled as the last flicker in the lamp of great Mughal architecture.

- Safdarjung's tomb was formed in the year 1754 for statesman Safdarjung. This splendid structure is enclosed by gorgeous gardens of the great Mughal Charbagh panache. Even though the city is always on buzz, but the visitors here will be surprised to experience tranquillity and peace.

- This captivating tomb is formed of buff shaded sandstone along with the sporadic use of marble and red sandstone. The place has two graves one of Safdarjung and the other one are of his wife. The middle chamber is polished and carved, and is enclosed by square and rhombic compartments.

The Lotus Temple

- The Bahá’í House of Worshipor better known as Lotus Temple is a mesmerising architectural masterpiece which shall definitely make you want to go amaze. It is situated in the southern suburbs of capital.

- The Lotus Temple is made up of 27 petals made up of marbles which are beautifully arranged in concentric gatherings. Temple is endowed with gorgeous and fresh gardens. One can easily spend a quality time in the serene area of this temple.

- The temple captivates visitors for its strange architecture formed like lotus flower. The religious spot is devoted to Bahai faith. People belonging to all religions visit this spot in huge number.
Tughlaqabad Fort

- Tughlaqabad Fort was constructed by the creator of the Tughlaq Dynasty in the year 1321. It is scattered across an area of 6. 5 km. it is near to the well-established housing commercial area of Tughlaqabad.

Kalkaji Mandir

- At a short distance from the Lotus Temple, there is this amazing and well renowned complex of Kalkaji Mandir. This is a religious spot which is dedicated to the goddess Kali. This stunning temple shows a very stimulating architecture and is formed of red brick.

- The temple gives an ambiance of celebration. Visitors visit this temple from different corners of country. The atmosphere of this spot is very divine and serine. The architecture of Kalkaji Mandir is very artistic and there is a cultural touch too.

In a nutshell, if you want to experience these spots and many other places of capital then you can easily grab a suitable New Delhi tour for your convenience. This way you can embrace all the thrill and excitement in the company of guides who will acquaint you with the relevance and importance of spots.

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