Why Study University in the UAE?
There are many great reasons and advantages why you would choose to study in any university at the United Arab Emirates.

Universities in UAE

High Standard Education System
Universities in the UAE boasts an extensive range of quality and internationally recognized diploma degrees in technical and professional disciplines. Every year, there are thousands of students enrolled in different American, Canadian and British colleges and universities in the UAE. The degrees they obtained in any UAE educational institution are recognized globally, being at par with higher education from the United States or Commonwealth countries. The universities are consistently known in top international rankings, maintaining high standards of academic excellence, with comparably cost-effective tuition fees.

Adore the Varied Landscapes
The UAE is a large country with diverse multitude landscapes from the city to the provinces. You will not only see big known towers in the country, but also a vast area of open desert land with numerous well-maintained national and provincial parks to appreciate. The country also have three oceans in it’s borderline. Feel the breeze of the Pacific, Atlantic or Arctic oceans anytime you like it. there is significant diversity in landscape from coast to coast.

Experience all Seasons
The country has a full four-season climate. You can experience very hot summers, icy cool winters, and pleasant sunny weathers during the spring and autumn months, where brief and scattered rainfalls also happens. Many indoor and outdoor leisure facilities are likewise available, for free or at a very minimal cost.

Outstanding Health Care
Comparative to other countries, UAE have inexpensive medical insurance accredited in hospital or clinical services that are mostly accessible in globally. Medical centers and hospitals around the country have state of the art treatment facilities with modern medical technology services for patients to access.

Learn Other Foreign Languages
The two official languages used and taught in school as second languages are English and French. This made international students in UAE well-versed and leaders in language training. Most of the time, new students take language courses prior to starting their regular classes and academic programs, for their advantage.

Enjoy a Rich and Stable Country
UAE is a democratic, politically stable, and safe country to stay and live in.
It has laws guarding the rights of its residents and visitors. Ranked by the UN as one of the best places in the world to live due to UAE’s educational achievements, life expectancy, economic stability and general quality of living. The assessment also considered UAE’s richness of fresh water, low crime rate, low population density, and advanced health care system.

Amazing Multicultural Environment
To date, UAE has received and welcomed over 15 million immigrants all over the world. Residents in the country consist of over a million aboriginal people, including First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities, and different expats globally. UAE has been known to have a national policy for multiculturalism and guarantees that each customs and traditions are well-preserved and respected by the people in the country.

Career and Work Opportunities at Hand
Attending school and graduating university in the UAE, gives you a greater chance to work, and get employed in the country after graduation. International students are allowed and given permit to work on-campus or off-campus by the government.

The British University in Dubai (BUiD) is one of the educational institutions who greatly encourage new students from abroad to grow their international student population. BUID offers a wide-range of undergraduate and MBA diploma courses.

Why should you choose BUiD in UAE? Visit their campus at Academic City, Dubai  and know more about their course offerings. Check and enroll now!

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